Who is Counter Space Industries?
Counter Space Industries, established in 2011, is a consulting organization, focused on US and China business relations. Our staff is composed of both American and Chinese business professionals. Our goal is to help our clients prepare for and successfully meet the challenges of doing business overseas.

Our services include consecutive Interpretation and print Translation, Project Management, Supplier Qualification and Quality Control, as well as Product and Sales Services (Manufacturer Representation).

Why work with Counter Space Industries?
We are a bilingual American and Chinese organization with over 10 years of real working experience in management, marketing and customer service as well as professional translation, interpreting, editing and proofreading between Simplified Chinese and American English.

Allow us to put our broad understanding of China and US business cultures, along with our firm grasp of the Chinese and English languages, to work for you and your ventures. We would love the opportunity to help you increase the effectiveness of your company's communication.

Why the name Counter Space Industries?
There is meaning in the name “Counter Space Industries”. Think of two parties on opposite sides of a table. That space in between the two parties can be seen as a hinderance, or it can be seen as a help, a benefit, a support. We are the ‘bridge’ between you and your target audience. The 'platform' to help you reach your client and get stuff done!

Brandon Doggett
General Manager
Counter Space Industries